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Karen Batten Piano Studio, LLC

Become a pianist through private or online professional lessons

We Create Music Together

Private lessons will concentrate on learning to play the piano with confidence while learning music theory.  Learning to play with other students (duets) and other instruments or musicisians will be incorporated into lessons.  

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 Array of Teaching Techniques

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A variety of techniques are used in teaching piano.  These techniques are tailored to the individual student to enhance progress and to meet their unique modality for learning.  Various apps, hands-on activities, and teaching methods are incorporated into lessons.

Meet the Piano Instructor

Growing up almost every minute of my free time was spent at the piano playing pieces over and over again.  Playing was my emotional outlet during my teenage years and a time of relaxation after stressful classes during my college days.  Music to me is medicine, good for the body and soul.  


Lesson Pricing

In-Studio Lesson

$75 monthly

30-minute weekly lesson

Registration Fee

One-Time Fee


10% family discount on monthly fees.  Family members must reside in the same household.

Reviews & Comments

It was a great recital! The piano students did an awesome job. You played "pretty good too! Thanks for all of your hard work and your encouragement for all the students!


I’ve never seen C. so interested in something. She loves the piano and you!


I’m also thankful for a piano teacher who is patient, kind and makes learning to play fun for my 6 year old.