Meet The Teacher

Hi!  I am Miss Karen.

The studio is where the student will learn to love and appreciate music while learning to play the piano.

Miss Karen is a pianist at heart.  Her journey began at the young age of 4 when her mother decided to teach her basic piano.  Back in those days there were not many after-school activities to participate in like there is today and being an only child, she often became bored so the piano was a solution.   Now 50 years later with God's help and guidance, she has established a successful piano teaching business.


Back in 1969 using the highback piano her mother learned to play on, Miss Karen took her first lesson from her mother.  Her mother would label the notes with a pencil in her old method books and then label the piano keys using a grease pen.  As Miss Karen began to comprehend and remember the notes and the keys her mother would begin to erase the labels.  Then around 19 73, a neighbor, Mrs. Clara Carver Hayes,  who was an accomplished pianist began teaching from her home.  Miss Karen's mother signed her up for lessons.  Through the teaching of Miss Clara, she learned basic theory and become much more fluent in note-reading.  At this point, Miss Karen could open any book and play any primary to intermediate piece of music.  Church has always been a large part of Miss Karen's life and learning to play accompaniment was a huge goal for her.  About 1978 her mother learned that Terry Weeks was teaching the Henry Slaughter Gospel course in his studio at Taylor's Piano Company.  Mr. Weeks was the last formal teacher of Miss Karen.  Everything else she learned from watching the pianist that she met.  She has played for numerous weddings, funerals, and formal events during the past 40+ years.  She is currently serving as pianist for First Assembly of God Douglas, GA.